9 Reasons to be Addicted to Yoga instead of Coffee

Is it better to be addicted to Yoga instead of coffee?? The toughest part is to  stick with the practice. By the way, coffee does has its benefits (but not when "addicted" to it.)

Here's a short post explaining you how Yoga and Coffee affect us.



Yoga: Yoga and Meditation are known to be very beneficial for our lives. But according to this source, Yoga can induce almost instant changes to our DNA. 

Coffee: Surprisingly, coffee (when taken in moderation) also positively affects DNA. Our DNA responds very similar to coffee and exercise. So good news to all the coffee lovers! Source

Winner: Yoga and Coffee



Yoga: A healthy & relaxed body is a boon. And what better than Yoga can give us a healthy body? According to the NY Post, Yoga can make a person productive and thrive at work. Source

Coffee: Coffee has its set of advantages and productivity is not one of them, says this source. Researches found that coffee has been found partly responsible for the poor performance of employees.

Winner: Yoga



Yoga: There's no surprise that Yoga tremendously helps people with depression. But you dont have to take the word of a random internet blogger. Research at Harvard also confirms this. 

Coffee: Did you know that excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to anxiety, depression and contributes to a few psychological disorders? Yes, says NCBI.

Winner: Yoga



Yoga: According to the Yoga Journal, 50% of the couples (who had trouble with fertility) conceived within one year of Yoga. The results should speak for itself.

Coffee: Bad news coffee addicts. Sources here & here say that coffee does affect your fertility. So if you are waiting for a bundle of joy, you better watch out your caffeine consumption. 

Winner: Yoga


bone health

Yoga:  Both men and women reach their maximum bone mass around age 30. After that, its about maintaining the bone mass with proper diet and exercise. Sources say that certain Yoga poses like  Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose) can be very beneficial in keeping your bones strong. Source

Coffee: A research showed that coffee intake is directly linked to potential risk of fractures and decrease in bone density. Source

Winner: Yoga



Yoga: According to OneMedical, some abdominal stretches and twists can be very helpful in digestion and relieve bloating. And good digestion is the key to radiant health.

Coffee: Coffee gives the exact opposite to Yoga in digestion. Coffee causes acidity, heartburn and a bunch of digestive issues.

Winner: Yoga



Yoga: There has been some research into the link between Yoga and sleep. An evening practice of yoga seemed to improve the quality of sleep. According to Psychology Today, cancer patients who practiced Yoga are also benefitted with improved sleep quality and less tiredness.  

Coffee: Although there have been no direct link between coffee and sleep, drinking coffee late in the day can interefere sleep patterns. Source.

Winner: -



Yoga: Yoga has been shown to decrease daily stress and improve creative thinking. Yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises) increases Alpha waves in our brain, which promote creativity. Source.

Coffee: Coffee has numerous benefits, there's no doubt. But studies show that caffeine can inhibit creativity.  Source

Winner: Yoga



Yoga: Any form of exercise, if done with discipline can reduce weight and Yoga is no different. Certain poses can target belly fat and get rid of it with regular practice. Source

Coffee: Yes, its not the sugar, milk or the added sweetners. Its the plain black coffee that triggers blood sugar and insulin levels that make you gain weight. Source

Winner: Yoga


Do you practice Yoga? If yes, how has it helped you. Share your opinions in the comments.

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