57 Amazing Meditation Benefits You might be Missing out on

We all know meditation is "good for us", but we are too busy.

Well busy readers, consider this:

We waste 2 hours at work, 58 minutes on a smart phone and 20+ minutes on Facebook everyday! Why not devote 5-10 minutes to meditate?

Meditation is a highly recommended practice since centuries. And after you read these 76 awesome Meditation Benefits, it should be no surprise why! Best of all, these benefits are backed by solid Scientific Research. Some techniques may vary here and there, but almost any technique of meditation is sure to reap good Great Benefits.

(No wonder we have Meditation Challenges and classes are almost everywhere.)


Benefits on Brain and Mind

Benefit: Regulates Mood swings and Anxiety disorders.
Source: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Jama Network

Benefit: Reduces symptoms of Panic disorder & Anxiety Disorder.
Source: American Journal of Psychiatry

Benefit: Increases Gray Matter in the brain.
Source: Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging, ScienceDirect

Benefit: Allocate limited brain resources and better control over perception.
Source: PLOS Biology

Benefit: Improves Visuospatial processing and working memory.
Source: ScienceDirect

Benefit: Increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention.
Source: NCBI


Well-being and Emotional Benefits

Benefit: Decreases Depression.
Source: ScienceDaily, Link Springer, Jama Network

Benefit: Greatly helps in reducing General stress.
Source: NCBI, Wiley Online LibraryScienceDirectAmerican Psychosomtic Medicine Journal, Medical News Today

Benefit: Increases Mental strength and Emotional Intelligence.
Source: Dr. Ron Alexander, Wise Mind, Open Mind (Book)

Benefit: Gives stronger resistance against pain.
Source: Time Magazine, NCBI, David Lynch Foundation

Benefit: Decreases feelings of Loneliness.
Source: ScienceDirect

Benefit: Relieves pain better than Morphine.
Source: Huffington Post

Benefit: Prepares you to deal with stressful events.
Source: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Benefit: Increases feelings of compassion
Source: Stanford, Sage Journals.

Benefit: Increases positivity & Optimism
Source: Psychosomatic MedicinePsycnet

Benefit: Helps you sleep deeper and better.
Source: Research concurs

Benefit: Regulates your emotions and quietens your mind.
Source: Stanford


Productivity and Performance

Benefit: Helps increase Empathy and Positive Relationships.
Source: ScienceDaily, NCBI, PLOS One

Benefit: Reduces Social isolation
Source: American Psychological Association

Benefit: Improves Confidence and Self-esteem
Source: Stanford

Benefit: Improves attention span and ability to work well.
Source: Time Magazine, NCBI, Link Springer

Benefit: Improves decision making.
Source: UCLA Newsroom

Benefit: Ability to focus in spite of distractions.
Source: Frontiers Journal

Benefit: Helps with Memory and Self-awareness.
Source: NCBI

Benefit: Improves Rapid memory call.
Source: PsychCentral

Benefit: Contributes to Psychological Well-Being.
Source: Link Springer

Benefit: Reduces Multi-tasking and there by increasing efficiency of work. By the way, Multi-tasking is not as productive as you might think!
Source: ACM Digital Library

Benefit: Promotes Creativity.
Source: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Benefit: Increases volume in areas of brain related to enriched Positive emotions & Self-control
Source: Science DirectPsychosomatic Medicine


Health Benefits

Benefit: Improves Psychomotor vigilance, and may decrease sleep need.
Source: NCBI, DoctorsOnTM, Time Magazine

Benefit: Reduces the risk of heart diseases.
Source: Time Magazine, American Heart Association, HealthCentral

Benefit: Affects genes that control stress and immunity.
Source: Bloomberg, NCBI, American Psychosomatic Medicine Journal, Journal of International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology

Benefit: Regulates Blood Pressure.
Source: The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, NPR News

Benefit: Decreases Inflammatory diseases.
Source: University of Winsconsin MadisonHealthCentral, Medical News Today

Benefit: Cellular level inflammation.
Source: ScienceDirect, ScienceDirect, ScienceDirect

Benefit: Manages heart rate and respiratory rate.
Source: KoreaScience

Benefit: May make you live longer.
Source: Wiley Online Library

Benefit: Improves Fertility.
Source: WebMD

Benefit: Clearer Skin through stress reduction.
Source: ScienceDaily


Health Complaints and Addictions

Benefit: Reduces alcohol and substance abuse.
Source: Journal Of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Benefit: Helps with ADHD.
Source: Clinical Neurophysiology Journal, DoctorsOnTM

Benefit: Prevents asthma and Rheumatoid arthritis.
Source: Medical News Today

Benefit: May help treat HIV.
Source: ScienceDaily

Benefit: Helps people with Alzheimer.
Source: HealthCentral

Benefit: Reduces Emotional Eating
Source: DoctorsOnTM

Benefit: Helps with Fibromyalgia.
Source: NCBI, NCBI, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics Journal

Benefit: Helps people suffering with alcoholism.
Source: TM Home

Benefit: Relieves Migraine.
Source: Medical News Today


Benefits for Women & Misc.

Benefit: Helps greatly with Postpartum Depression/Blues.
Source: Medical News Today

Benefit: Helps with PMS and Menopause.
Source: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Benefit: Helps with breast feeding
Source: WebMD

Benefit: Helps you introspect.
Source: Berkeley

Benefit: Helps you be non-judgmental and get in touch with yourself.
Source: Huffington Post

Benefit: Help you lose weight.
Source: WebMD

Benefit: Can Sometimes control Nervous system (Rare, though.)
Source: Science Daily

Benefit: Known to develop Intuition.
Source: Eco Institute

Benefit: Reduces free radicals.
Source: Truth About TM

I hope these reasons and (their scientific research) should be good enough to motivate us to start meditating from today.
Now, I’d love it if you answered a small question in the comments.

"What aspect of life are you hoping to change/break/improve through Meditation?" 

Here’s my answer: I meditate everyday with a goal of improving my focus, reducing my anger and to be better, positive and empathetic person.

I would love to know your answer too! 🙂

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