Firstly, let me clear some misconceptions here. 30 day challenges are not miraculous magic pills that can instantly transform your life just in a month. (There’s no such thing, by the way)

You can expect realistic and short achievements term goals.

For example, you are not going to become an expert pianist if you take the 30 day piano challenge. But you can definitely achieve your short term goals like getting introduced to the basics of a piano, learning to play 15 new songs in 30 days etc.

Remember, 30 day challenges are absolutely great… when you want to train yourself to get into a new habit/lose an addiction/pick up a new skill/change something in your life.

They are short and easy bite-sized tasks that will help you kick-start almost, well, anything. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

But…. you don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to what Matt Cutts suggests in his Ted Talk. The 30 day challenges!

Why take 30 day challenge?

I don’t know what philosophy you believe in… but we haven’t got as many year in life as we think. About 70% of our lifespan is spent in things like sleeping, pooping, eating, being sick, making babies and a bunch of other things (which we usually can’t avoid.)

The least we can do is to make the remaining 30% worth living. Being lethargic, unproductive and getting nowhere is such a shame.

Take short steps in life and one day you’ll realize you have achieved something so big and useful to yourself and the world. Those productive short steps can be very easy with the 30 day challenges.

Welcome Aboard.

~ Ana

P.S. Here are some interesting 30-day challenges you can try out.