Did you know: Meditation is a very quick way decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, make you productive and give you more time each day.

One of the biggest favor you can do yourself is to meditate everyday. The benefits of meditation are too many to list. There are many business executives, CEO’s and the busiest of entrepreneurs who haven’t missed even a single day of meditation since years! If they can do it, you too can! All you need to do is to commit.

Here’s a Printable Worksheet that can help you keep a track of your progress.

This Meditation Challenge is quite simple. Do simple stretches for a couple of minutes and then meditate. Focus on your incoming and outgoing breath. And let thoughts come and go by. If you are stuck in a thought, gently bring your awareness back. This is a technique I tend to use often.

However, if you want to explore other techniques of meditation, here are some sources which might help you.

Some Tips that might help you get started with meditation
23 Meditation techniques that you can choose from
Easy Meditation techniques to get started

P.S. Meditation helped me overcome depression, suicidal tendencies, made me more happy, productive. In short, it totally transformed me. So let’s take this challenge and trust me, you won’t regret it.

30 Days of Meditation

Download this Printable Worksheet and kick start the challenge.

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